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Where did the nice weather go? It was raining and snowing yesterday, and now it is cold…whyyyyyyyyyyyyyy???

Tried making lava cake with the best. :) came out pretty well for the first time. #homemadelavacake #baking #saturdays

I am utterly shocked with the season finale! I cannot wait for the next season! I do not want to spoil it for those that have not watched it, but I have to say this was the best episode ever! I think the 43minutes went by really fast. This has to be my favorite season in this whole series! This season had so many “edge-of-the-chair” experiences! Cannot wait for the next season! 


Pretty little liars today gonna be like

But really!!!! Every time!!! 😤💀💋🅰 #pllspringfinale #allitellsall @kayla_lo_28

Home for spring break at last. ♥

Three exams out of four done, just one more to go tomorrow before my spring break officially starts. ♥ ^^ (Oh, I also handed in my paper today.) Relaxed.~ Just one more exam, and it should be easy-peasy. :) (Chinese.)