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On my way to school, my dad was driving. He asks how many students attend SBU. I told him a lot including graduate students. My dad’s like SBU has a graduate program? I’m like yes…my mom’s like majority are medical students, right? I’m like, I guess so? There are others here not for medical though but research and etc. My dad is like are you going to stay at SBU for medical school? I said if I get in. My dad’s like what do you mean if you get in? Aren’t you already attending the school? -__- My dad thought that you didn’t have to apply to medical school. 


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Happy 18th birthday little brother! Hope youre enjoying your freedom in Buffalo! 😊💕
#tbt 7+ years of friendship. 😊 no matter how much time passes, we always have things to talk about. #friends @anniesamuraii

Suppose to be doing my paper due in four hours but I’m on Tumblr.