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#selfie at work 💟🌻
Dragged him shopping after work today. 😊
From when we were little kids visiting the twin towers, to when we went to France for our cousin&#8217;s wedding, to a month ago, we were always together. You even followed me to the same high school! But, now you&#8217;re eight hours away by car, You&#8217;re all grown now. Hope you&#8217;re having fun in college little brother! Enjoy and don&#8217;t forget to study! :)
Scared me!(Proud Moment)

My manager pulled me aside to a small conference room. I started to think of things that I’ve done wrong. (Why is it whenever someone with high authority wants to talk to me alone, I automatically think I’m in trouble???) My manager sits down and I sit across from me. She told me that she just wanted to tell me first that I am doing an amazing job. That there is a team of five other people working on the same project as me, and I’ve done more than half of what they’ve done. She also said everyone is really impressed with my work. 😄😄😄 I am so happy I didn’t get in trouble. *relief* I am so proud and happy. Yay! (Oh,she also wanted to give me another project to work on.)

Selfie at work because I am bored. #Asiangirl #Monday

Went out with a friend yesterday for a coffee date just to catch up. Shouldn’t of had that coffee…now I can’t sleep and I need to get up early today…it’s already 2:39AM.